Bass Fishing J Rig

37753 Wide Gap Hook (#2 - 25 Pack)

by Riptail
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  • Strong Hooks
  • 25-Packs Available
  • Chemically Sharpened

HILLPOW Wacky Worm Kits, 1 Wacky Rig Tool (Blue), (12) 5.2" Senko Soft Baits (Black+Brown), 20 Wacky Rig O-Rings (13.5cm, Kit5)

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  • UNIQUE DESIGN WITH SUPERIOR QUALITY: The aluminum worm rig tool with stainless steel screw features incredible rust-resistance, ideal for fishing in saltwater; unique design with O-rings protects the hook from tearing out due to violent hits
  • SIMPLE BUT EFFECTIVE:5.2" soft plastic senko stick bait just looks like a thick round plastic worm but the fall rate created from the large amount of salt impregnated drives fish mad
  • QUICK& EASY TO USE: Mechanical grade rubber O-Rings is deal for each size wacky rig tool; light weight allows bait to fall naturally

Product description

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With HILLPOW Wacky Worm Kit, everyone can be a good fisher, just enjoy fishing.

How to Use:

Quick and easy to rig plastic worms "wacky style". Just insert a plastic lure, slide a rubber O-ring over the tool onto the plastic bait and insert a hook under the O-ring.


Wacky Rig Tool:
Length: 13.5cm/ 5.31inches
Diameter: 0.9cm/ 0.35inches
Weight: 22.5g/ 0.79OZ
Wacky Hook:
Size:1/0# 1# 2#
Wacky O-rings
Diameter: 0.9cm/ 0.35inches
Senko Bait: Length: 13.2cm/ 5.2inches

Matters and Attention:

1. Watch out to hurt your finger when you use wacky worm kit
2. Keep away from the children

Package List:

1 * Wacky Rig Tool (Blue)
10 *1/0# Wacky Hook
10*1# Wacky Hook
10*2# Wacky Hook
7* 5.2" Senko Soft Baits(Green)
7* 5.2" Senko Soft Baits(Gray)
7* 5.2" Senko Soft Baits(Brown)
30* Wacky Rig O-Rings

Reliable Customer Service:

Professional and considering customer service is always available. Pantan Direct always takes customer as the top priority and is confident to give you 100% Money-back Guarantee: Quick and easy refund if you are not satisfied with our product.

Quick Rig Dr. J Hook Stainless Steel 11/0 2 Pack
Quick Rig Dr. J Hook Stainless Steel 11/0 2 Pack


Quick Rig Dr. "J" Hooks are stainless steel and extra strong. Dr. "J" Hooks are hand made and hand forged beauties. Check out the point and small barb. The barb is placed further back, which allows the point to get a bigger bite and faster penetration on the strike.


Williamson LBHJR9 Live Ballyhoo 9- J Rig LBHJR9BL Blue
Williamson LBHJR9 Live Ballyhoo 9- J Rig LBHJR9BL Blue


The versatile Williamson Ballyhoo lure has a unique nose construction and two nose rigging options. Available Pro-rigged and J-rigged. Pro-rigged baits come pre-rigged with a circle hook and 6 feet of 100 lb. line. J-rigged baits come pre-rigged with a VMC saltwater hook and 6 feet of 100 lb. line. This fast-trolling soft plastic lure is so realistic in color and action that you will never want to use live bait again. Troll from 2 to 8 knots for life-like swimming action that catches all salt predator species.