These Sweet Potato Tots

Happy Tot Organics Multi Grain Alphabet Snacks Bundle: Vanilla Oat, Cinnamon Sweet Potato (1 bag of each)

by Happy Family Brands
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  • No artificial flavors; Guten-free
  • Bundle includes 1 bag of each flavor: Vanilla Oat & Sweet Potato Cinnamon
  • 160mg of omega 3 (ALA); 0g of trans fat

Product description

Make learning fun and nutritious! Our delicious Super Smart multi-grain alphabet snacks deliver yummy organic ingredients and 160mg of Omega 3 (ALA), an important nutrient for growing toddlers. Featuring letters of the alphabet, these tot snacks are a yummy, creative way for your little one to learn their ABCs.

Ever Moda Thermal Insulated Casserole Carrier Bag with 2 Compartments, Moroccan Teal Blue White

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  • HIGH QUALITY MATERIALS TO LAST FOR YEARS - Ever Moda double casserole travel carrier is made of durable 600 denier polyester. This fabric material doesn't only keep food warm or cold, it also makes cleaning a breeze
  • RETAINS FOOD TEMPERATURE FOR SEVERAL HOURS - Whether you're putting hot or cold contents into the Ever Moda casserole dish carrier, their temperature will be retained for long hours, thanks to thermal insulation technology
  • WITH LARGE HANDLE FOR EASY CARRY - The drop-down 8-inch handle has reinforced comfort grip for easy and safe transport. It is also cleverly designed with a velcro-enclosed pocket to secure other stuff, such as bottle opener

Product description

Arrive at your destination with your food still fresh and warm as if it was just newly cooked!
With the combination of thermal insulation technology and premium-quality 600 denier polyester fabric in the making of the Ever Moda casserole carrier bag, you no longer have to worry about cold meals and hot beverages anymore. Whether you're going for a trail hike, an overnight camping, a beach trip, a potluck party or a little picnic at the park, you will be bringing scrumptious lunch or dinner and thirst-quenching drinks every single time.

Two large compartments with zipper closures ensure your casserole recipes and beverages are in two separate rooms. One compartment is designed for everything hot while the other is made for everything cold. Each of these sections are spacious enough for all your needs, measuring 17 inches (length) x 12 inches (width) x 2.75 inches (depth). With such size, you can squeeze in extra items, such as spoons, forks, bread knives, napkins and small packs of sauces and spices.

Easy grip large handles make transport easier and safer!
The velcro-enclosed handles provide steady and sturdy lifting and moving of your dishes from one place to another without tipping. This fantastic thermal cooler bag features an additional pocket on the inner side of the handle to give you added space for other incidental items, such as cork opener and bottle tool.

Expandable to give more room for your dishes, and fully collapsible so you can keep it out of sight when not it use! And cleaning this potluck is the easiest. All you need is a damp cloth and liquid soap and you can just wipe it clean.

Available in various colors and patterns, you'll surely have one that fits your style. ADD TO CART NOW!

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Lincoln Journal Star

Slideshow: Jeff's out-of-town dining adventures : Ground Zero 07/10/15, via Lincoln Journal Star

The meals include homemade potato dumplings, dressing, sauerkraut, rye bread and dinner rolls, and a choice of soup or iceberg lettuce salad. The baked chicken rarely Rezac provides her secret twists to the canned sweet kraut. Our friend, Andy

Times Record News

Road to tasty eats? Iowa Park's HWY Grill , Wichita Falls ... 07/10/15, via Times Record News

I ordered the chicken salad croissant with sweet potato tater tots for $6.99. These tots were something special — crunchy on the outside, and sweet and creamy on the inside. And the chicken salad was the best I've ever had. It was creamy with big

2 Ingredient Homemade Sweet Potato Tater Tots

Recipe: http://www. com/sweet-potato-tater-tots-recipe/ Need an easy side dish your kids will love. Check out how easy these sweet potato tater tots.


Everything You Ever Wanted to Know about Sweetpotato

Everything You Ever Wanted to Know about Sweetpotato

Published by International Potato Center 2013

120 pages

Nothing provided

France 2015 - Part III

Alas, the French train system has finally let us down. Something slowed down our train on the way to Bordeaux, and we slowed to a crawl and paused for a time, and then crawled slowly toward our destination. Can't make a 20 minute connection when your train is 39 minutes late. We crammed into the information desk line (with lots of other travellers) and finally got to the counter and received our new tickets and instructions. Bordeaux to Toulouse and Toulouse to Carcassonne. With a 10 minute connection in Toulouse. There was still a half hour before the next train, but at least we had a new plan, and it wasn't like waiting hours for the next train. But then of course we get to the new train, and the cars have no electricity. A minor annoyance is that the seat numbers are all electronic (for some reason) I mean why. The seats can't really change from day to day, and even if they did you couldn't change the numbers, because they match the existing seat layout. But a greater annoyance was that the AC was not on, and had not been on. Did I mention that France has been pretty hot this whole time. Although Mont Saint Michel was 'cool' (high 70s) from being out in the sea, everywhere else has been 80s and 90s, and it's supposed to be high 90s in Caracassonne, and it is expected to hit 100 the day we return to Paris (last I checked). After the unlit numbers and the AC, the last remaining strange obstacle was the pigeon on the car, but a civic minded fellow passenger caught the pigeon and released it outside. Of course, above and beyond the numbers, the AC, and the pigeon, the very last thing is that the train is late leaving Bordeaux. They're estimating 10 mintues late. We'll see if you can make a 10 minute connection when you're ten minutes late. And yes, you can't make your 10 minute connection when the train actually leaves 20 minutes late. (I think there is no such thing as making up lost time on French trains. So in Toulouse, we're back in the information kiosk trying to get to Carcassonne. The next train is too late for our dinner reservations, but grudgingly the attendant allows that the Lyon train will stop there, but we will have to pay a supplement because of blahblahblah. Back to the platforms and onto train number 4 of the day. Pookie has started a countdown to the reservation time at the restaurant. Not French trains, not 95 degree heat, not a husband who suggests that it is fashionable to be a little late to restaurant reservations. The train travels through some very pretty countryside. Pookie calls 57 minutes. Let's give it a few minutes. At 51 minutes, and no signs of change, we go to plan B. I take a photo of the map of town. Pookie draws a crude map, and off we go towing our suitcases through the pedestrian streets. At 43 minutes we cross a plaza and can see the street that will take us to the street we want. At 37 minutes we arrive at the hotel. Pookie calls 33 minutes as we enter the door, and we change into slightly fancier clothes. 28 minutes, she calls, as she leads me back out of the hotel and across the old bridge over the river toward the old part of town. Now it's still a billion degrees outside, and our restaurant is in the old castle part of town, so that means we have to scale the hill and get inside the walled inner city. 21 minutes, she gasps breathlessly as we halfway scale the hill. 18 minutes, we tread upon the incline to the gates. 12 minutes, as we enter the outer and inner gates. 6 minutes, as we navigate the medieval streets. 2 minutes, as we sight the old basilica that adjoins the plaza in which the restaurant is located. WE HAVE RESERVATIONS FOR EXACTLY RIGHT NOW", a slightly shiny and fetchingly bedewed Dr. Pookie exults, dragging a sweat-drenched Mr. Dr. Pookie into the Michelin-starred restaurant. But after a Campari and soda and a half liter of water, and a little time on the breezy and fortunately shaded terrace, I'm largely dry and composed again, and can focus on the business at hand -- some world-class food. We are greeted with a tiny beaker of vichyssoise, a tiny soup spoon with a dollop of blended peas with a delicious sprig of ham embedded in it, and a little cube of sheep's cheese with a tiny cherry.

Source: Journal of No. 118
Baby Food Og2 Pump Sw Pot P 4.22 OZ (Pack of 16)

Health & Beauty

Easily welcome superfoods into your tots diet, along with important nutrients. A blend of organic fruits, vegetables, and wholesome chia seeds offer omega-3s, fiber, and vitamin C to your growing (and sometimes picky!) eater. Our pumpkin, sweet potato and pear pouch is more than just a combination of organic fruits and veggies. We add Salba chia for added nutrients like omega-3s (ALA) and fiber. Toddlers enjoy feeding themselves these pouches, and moms love that they are getting so much nutrition in one little pouch.


The Frugal Paleo Cookbook


SAVE MONEY & STAY GLUTEN-FREE WITH THESE EASY, DELICIOUS PALEO RECIPESFor those on the Paleo diet, one of the biggest concerns isn't the variety but the price. Luckily, Ciarra Hannah, creator of, has 100 easy, wallet-friendly Paleo recipes that'll feed the whole family. Ciarra uses flavorful but less expensive cuts of meat in traditional yet approachable cooking methods, as well as her roll-forward technique for creating multiple dishes to maximize your time in the kitchen. You'll love her keys to budgeting, tips for making items ahead of time, 5-ingredients-or-less seasoning blends and other money-saving pointers. Ciarra offers an incredible and practical selection of Paleo dishes for everyday eating including Tequila Carnitas, Stupid Easy Asian Beef, Chicken & Chorizo Stew, Cuban Tilapia in Mojo and?Tater Tot Casserole with Sweet Potato Tater Tots! So, if you're loving the Paleo diet but hating the amount of money you spend each month, this book is a must-have. Save your money, enjoy tasty grain-free meals and be healthy!


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Sweeto Burrito’s new sit-down restaurant will wrestle your taste buds into submission - 07/09/15, via Daily Herald

The Buff Chick, which includes breaded buffalo chicken, traditional buffalo or sweet-hot buffalo sauce, tater tots, cheddar cheese and cilantro ... I’ve never had nachos quite like these. The chips are drizzled with queso, then topped with seasoned ...

A food blogger's guide to the 10 best food trucks in the U.S. - 07/03/15, via SheKnows

If I may, I think you must go with the poutine! Local cheese curds loaded up on top of natural cut fries, tots or sweet potato fries? Basically these are loaded potatoes to end all loaded potatoes! Perhaps you've never heard of Marfa? I hadn't until I ...

20 delicious new snacks and drinks we discovered at the Fancy Food Show - 07/02/15, via

I tried it with a warm tater tot. Learn more about Sir Kensington's. This caramel has all the qualities of warm chai tea. Underneath the chewy, silky texture is a sweet burst of cinnamon ... Made from 100% whole grain, these rice crackers are full of ...


  1. Two Ingredient Easy Sweet Potato Tater Tots Recipe This homemade sweet potato tater tots recipe is super easy to make and your entire family will love them! Just TWO ingredients!
  2. Sweet Potato Tots - Super Healthy Kids | Lunch Ideas, Meal ... These Sweet Potato Tots ares packed full of nutrients and are a delicious alternative to regular tater tots.
  3. Homemade Baked Sweet Potato Tots - Little Leopard Book These baked sweet potato tots are packed with vitamins A and C, filled with fiber and fat free, they're a healthy, fun twist on traditional tater tots!
Slip inside the eye of your mind ... EXPLORE #244
Slip inside the eye of your mind ... EXPLORE #244
Oh cool! Another explore. #244 on Sunday, December 21, 2008. Thanks again, guys! :) Richard Blais' (of Top Chef 4: Chicago) latest endeavor opened up last week in Atlanta--Flip. It involves "fine dining between two buns," which basically means upscale burgers, fries, and shakes :) Here's some sample menu items: -Po Boyger -Bun Mi Burger -Lamburger -Tempura Rutabaga -Sweet Potato Tots -Krispy Kreme Milkshake -Burnt Marshmallow & Nutella Milkshake My mom is acquaintances with Blais, so for the two times I came to eat at Flip, I got to meet him when he came by our table to say hi. On my first visit to the restaurant, he actually sat down at our booth for like 15 minutes talking to us. He's such a nice guy! This photograph shows part of the dining room, which is probably one of the coolest I've been in. It's very sleek, modern, and clever--something I couldn't pass up. The bar is equally cool (though it isn't pictured here), and is reminiscent of the Korova Milk Bar...
Photo by C. Elle on Flickr
Spicy Thai Tot-Chos
Spicy Thai Tot-Chos
Made with sweet potato tots. These were SO delicious! Recipe-
Photo by Rambling Dream on Flickr
These trader Joe's sweet potato tots only got crispy after a good hearty fry. I think that defeats the point...
These trader Joe's sweet potato tots only got crispy after a good hearty fry. I think that defeats the point...
Photo by forkknifeandspoon on Flickr
... these sweet potato tater tots get a flavor boost from fresh rosemary
... these sweet potato tater tots get a flavor boost from fresh rosemary
... of this before? These sweet potato tater tots recipe is one of them
... of this before? These sweet potato tater tots recipe is one of them
Image by
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  • NoWaveCoffee Sweet potato tots @StickyRiceDC. I shouldn't be eating but my Lord, have u ever had these? Irresistible. #cantstopwontstop
  • OhLardyCom These are delicious!!!! Give them a try. Everyone loves them from kids to adults! Recipe:...