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Sylvia's Family Soul Food Cookbook: From Hemingway, South Carolina, To Harlem

by William Morrow Cookbooks
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Sylvia's Family Soul Food Cookbook begins as Sylvia recalls her childhood, when she lived with both her mother and her grandmother -- the town's only midwives. The entire community of Hemingway, South Carolina, shared responsibilities, helped raise all of the children, and worked side by side together every day in the bean fields. Perhaps most important, the community shared its food and recipes. When Sylvia set out to write this cookbook, she decided to hold a cook-off back home in Hemingway at Jeremiah Church. Family and friends of all ages shared their favorite dishes as well as their spirit and love for one another. The recipes offered at the cook-off were then compiled to create this incredible collection, along with many of Sylvia's and the Woods family's own recipes.

Here are the kinds of recipes you'd find if you visited the Woods family's home. Sylvia's daughter Bedelia is well known for her Barbecued Beef Short Ribs, which are as sassy and spicy as Bedelia herself. Kenneth, Sylvia's youngest son, has loved to fish ever since he was a child, spending his summers by the fishing hole in Hemingway. Now Kenneth's son, DeSean, enjoys fishing, too. Kenneth's Honey Lemon Tilefish, DeSean's favorite, is just one of Kenneth's special recipes presented here.

And there are many, many other wonderful dishes, too. In this remarkable cookbook, Sylvia has gathered more than 125 soul food classics, including mouthwatering recipes for okra, collard greens, Southern-style pound cakes, hearty meat and seafood stews and casseroles, salads, mashed potatoes, macaroni and cheese, and more. These recipes are straight from the heart of the Woods community of family and friends. Now Sylvia gives them to you to share with your loved ones. Bring them into your home and experience a little bit of Hemingway's soul.

The Enchilada Queen Cookbook: Enchiladas, Fajitas, Tamales, and More Classic Recipes from Texas-Mexico Border Kitchens

by St. Martin's Griffin
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Better than going out for Mexican food!

Mexican food―by which most of us mean Tex-Mex―is a favorite from Los Angeles to New York and everywhere in between. And the heart of great Tex-Mex cooking comes from home kitchens along the Rio Grande. In THE ENCHILADA QUEEN COOKBOOK, Sylvia Casares gives you the best of the best, including tricks and simple techniques to turn any dish from appetizing to amazing. You’ll learn how to make her Holy Trinity spice paste; why you should use certain key shortcuts, such as chicken bouillon, in some dishes; and how to do her tortilla-changing Texas Two-Step marinating technique. And after you’ve picked your favorites from her 14 key sauces, you’ll make unbelievable food for a family or a crowd, including:

--Cheese Enchiladas with Chili Gravy
--Spinach Enchiladas with Salsa Verde
--Shrimp Enchiladas with Salsa Veracruzano
--Stewed Chicken Breast Enchiladas with Salsa Mole

And the Enchilada Queen is an expert in more than just enchiladas. Here you’ll find appetizers, sides, breakfasts and desserts, such as:

--Guacamole and Picamole
--Kitchen Nachos
--Gulf Coast Fish Tacos
--Frontera Beef Fajitas
--La Fonda Tortilla Soup
--Arroz con Pollo
--Huevos Rancheros
--Refried Beans
--Tamales with a variety of fillings
--Sopapillas, Polvorones and Bunuelos

The Perfect Margarita’s here too, and so much more. In The Enchilada Queen Cookbook, you’ll get kitchen wisdom from a lifetime of learning recipes from madres and abuelas who make food specific to their border towns on the Rio Grande. You’ll also get a resource for hundreds of family dinners―and a party between covers!

SYLVIA'S Provender: Fresh, Seasonal Recipes from Our Farm to Your Family by Liz Neumark

Every year children congregate to the Sylvia Center at Katchkie Farm in upstate New York to learn firsthand about where fresh food comes from—how to grow it, how .

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  1. Sylvia's One's nearest Soul Food Cookbook: From Hemingway, South ... Sylvia's M Soul Food Cookbook begins as Sylvia recalls her childhood, when she lived with both her mother and her grandmother -- the town's only midwives.
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