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A cookbook and scrapbook of anime and video game themed recipes, artwork and short fan fiction brought to you by the Risembool Rangers, fan club of American Voice Actor Vic Mignogna!

Product description

Cooking is a creative endeavor, and coming up with and making your own recipes has never been so easy. Or so pretty. This beautiful blank recipe book is the perfect place to keep all of your family's heirloom recipes.

This 100-page cookbook gives you plenty of space to write down ingredients, keep track of ingredients, and make special notes about each recipe.

With its beautifully designed front cover and interior pages, it makes an excellent gift for a bride-to-be, the budding cook in the family, or as a treat for yourself!

This is book one of a series. Collect them all!

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Smack The Cook - Scrapbook

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My Prairie Cookbook
My Prairie Cookbook


In My Prairie Cookbook, Melissa Gilbert, star of Little House on the Prairie, offers fans comforting family recipes and childhood favorites. From prairie breakfasts and picnic lunches to treats inspired by Nellie?s restaurant, the 80 simple and delicious dishes?crispy fried chicken, pot roasts, corn bread, apple pie, and more?present Bonnet Heads (die-hardLittle House fans) with the chance to eat like the Ingalls family. Gilbert?s personal recollections and memorabilia, including behind-the-scenes stories, anecdotes, and more than 75 treasured scrapbook images, accompany the recipes. With answers to the most-asked questions from fans?on topics including the biggest bloopers, on-set romances, and what Michael Landon was really like?My Prairie Cookbook is a cherished memento forLittle House fans and fans of simple prairie cooking alike.


The Wurst of Lucky Peach
The Wurst of Lucky Peach


The best in wurst from around the world, with enough sausage-themed stories and pictures stuffed between these two covers to turn anyone into a forcemeat aficionado. Lucky Peach presents a cookbook as a scrapbook, stuffed with curious local specialties, likecevapi, a caseless sausage that?s traveled all the way from the Balkans to underneath the N tracks in Ridgewood, Queens; a look into the great sausage trails of the world, from Bavaria to Texas Hill Country and beyond; and the ins and outs of making your own sausages, including fresh chorizo.


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Big Stars, only slightly city - 03/11/15, via

She recently released “My Prairie Cookbook,” which is have the quality of scrapbook of “Little House” memorabilia and part cookbook. “The fried chicken recipe is the cornerstone of the book,” she said. “My former mother-in-law is from Texas, and it’s her ...

Look to old cookbooks for new ideas - 03/10/15, via Shreveport Times

Collecting old cookbooks and recipes is a pastime of mine ... Although Don’s Seafood and Steakhouse is now a page in our scrapbook of memories, we still have their recipes to enjoy. How many of you remember their succulent salad dressings and sauces?

RootsTech 2015: Kinfolk, food and fun - 02/27/15, via Deseret News

The “diary/cookbook” has become a popular staple in kitchens ... more fluid — with moveable pages and the capability to expand. This is similar with a scrapbook, or recipe cards bound together. Other options count photo books created online ...


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This was so fun to be bound for b assault! My oldest showing off his cooking skills he learned in cooking class! I started with Wausau Royal FIber cardstock, and blue ?paper on top. THen I ripped pieces of patterned composition and a sheet of book paper from a cookbook. Prima journaling notes in pink, some buttons, random ribbon and Thickers. TFL!! visit my
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Amazement Treats That Bands Fantasize About
Amazement Treats That Bands Fantasize About
Our rules with recipes from your favorite indie bands: Hotspur, Lights Resolve, Of Color, The Early Coastal, Mozart's Sister, BOYS will be BOYS, Margot MacDonald, Matt in the Clouds & Playground Decorum. For more info, check out our profile page! :) Check out the bands' music at 100% of all profits benefit Washington DC grub banks ^_^
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Woof window has exciting news
Woof window has exciting news
I've been doing the tikka- and tandoori-marinated meats a lot lately, so I tried something diverse tonight. Umpqua Valley (Oregon) leg of lamb steaks marinated in TONS of garlic, grainy mustard, CUMIN, yogurt, lemon pith, and olive oil. Grilled and then pulled apart into reasonable portions. I also grilled some garlic scapes (or "garlic skanks" as Eileen likes to call in 'em) and half a Walla Walla onion. But then I wanted something raw. Luckily I have a ton of heirloom lettuce from my farm share. Straight up lettuce with olive oil and lemon liquid. Once again, yum. The majority of my meal was from the Pacific Northwest. Olive oil, mustard, lemons, and cumin were the far away culprits. I guess this is as good a time as any to tell my Flickr friends the same seductive news I've told my family, Tim, and my Facebook friends -- On Friday I got an internship as THE LIBRARIAN at Kathy Casey Food Studios. I start when I replace from Rotterdam, although I think I will make...
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Scrapbook cookbook
Scrapbook cookbook
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Field: Scrapbook style cookbook, image heavy (Read 155060 times)
Field: Scrapbook style cookbook, image heavy (Read 155060 times)
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