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Taste of Persia: A Cook's Travels Through Armenia, Azerbaijan, Georgia, Iran, and Kurdistan

by Artisan
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Winner, IACP Award for Best Cookbook of the Year in Culinary Travel (2017)
Winner, James Beard Award for Best Book of the Year, Internationa (2017)

Named a Best Cookbook of the Year by The Boston Globe, Food & Wine, The Los Angeles Times, The New York Times, The New York Times Book Review, The San Francisco Chronicle, USA Today, and The Wall Street Journal

“A reason to celebrate . . . a fascinating culinary excursion.” —The New York Times

Though the countries in the Persian culinary region are home to diverse religions, cultures, languages, and politics, they are linked by beguiling food traditions and a love for the fresh and the tart. Color and spark come from ripe red pomegranates, golden saffron threads, and the fresh herbs served at every meal. Grilled kebabs, barbari breads, pilafs, and brightly colored condiments are everyday fare, as are rich soup-stews called ash and alluring sweets like rose water pudding and date-nut halvah.

Our ambassador to this tasty world is the incomparable Naomi Duguid, who for more than 20 years has been bringing us exceptional recipes and mesmerizing tales from regions seemingly beyond our reach. More than 125 recipes, framed with stories and photographs of people and places, introduce us to a culinary paradise where ancient legends and ruins rub shoulders with new beginnings—where a wealth of history and culinary traditions makes it a compelling place to read about for cooks and travelers and for anyone hankering to experience the food of a wider world.

Product description

From the kitchens of Persian families to your dining table, with The Enchantingly Easy Persian Cookbook you’ll enjoy easy-to-follow recipes that achieve the vibrant flavors of authentic Persian cuisine.

Yogurt, eggplant, lamb kebabs, saffron rice―if you have ever dined in a Persian restaurant then you know how rich, tantalizing, and satisfying Persian cuisine is. Yet many assume that making favorites, like Pomegranate and Walnut Stew or Saffron Syrup Cake, is too difficult to do at home.

Shadi HasanzadeNemati grew up in the kitchen of her Persian mother and can still remember being mesmerized by the sweet aromas of saffron and cinnamon. Inspired by her family’s heirloom recipes, Shadi has created a collection of simple, straightforward takes on authentic Persian favorites that are accessible enough for beginners, yet still fun for more seasoned cooks.

The Enchantingly Easy Persian Cookbook brings the savory comforts and mystical essence of Persian home cooking to your dining table. The step-by-step instructions in this Persian cookbook make it easier than ever to create classic Persian mainstays in your own home.

In this uniquely simple Persian cookbook, you’ll find:

  • 100 recipes specifically designed to make Persian cooking fun and stress-free for beginners

  • A handy how-to guide for preparing basic Persian ingredients―such as de-seeding pomegranates, making saffron-water, drying limes, and storing fresh herbs

  • Practical grocery shopping recommendations for Persian pantry staples like cardamom and sumac, plus useful photos for identifying unique ingredients such as ghee and clotted cream

  • Helpful labels that indicate each recipe’s level of difficulty, plus “worth the wait” labels for dishes that require more time

  • Tried-and-true tips and tricks to make Persian cooking easier and more successful

  • Memory sidebars that accompany especially treasured recipes, describing Shadi’s most cherished recollection connected to that dish

With the ease and simplicity of The Enchantingly Easy Persian Cookbook you’ll have more fun (and less stress) as you find the magic in new Persian fare, and rediscover the enchantment of recipes you already love.

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How to do Persian Rice Polo and Taadig by Chef Ariana!

Cooking Persian rice and Tahdig agreeable with-by-step with Ariana Bundy author of Pomegranates & Roses: my Persian family recipes (Simon & Schuster UK).


A Drop of Persia

A Drop of Persia

Published by I.B.Tauris 2007

ISBN 184511437X,9781845114374
176 pages

This list is an introduction to the world¿s other ancient cuisine. Persia's cookery, like China¿s, carries within it thousands of years of history, change and refinement, yet still with its roots in old sources. A Taste of Persia is a collection of authentic recipes from one of the world¿s most sophisticated and ancient cuisines, chosen and adapted for today¿s lifestyle and cookhouse. Here are light appetisers and marinated kebabs, hearty stews and rich, golden-crusted rices, among many other dishes, all fragrant with the individual Persian use of herbs, spices and fruits. Each recipe offers clear, easy-to-follow, step-by-step instructions. Most take less than an hour to change; many require only a few moments; many others can be made in advance. Besides its 100 recipes and 60...

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Very Good 0781802415 Book is very clean. Crisp pages. Tight binding. Slight shelf wear on cover. Some pages are dog-eared.


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My *unquestioningly* great library find!
My *unquestioningly* great library find!
A just out book of nothing but Persian cooking -- and there's a Persian market kitty corner from my apartment complex! Perfect.
Photo by Ned Raggett on Flickr
Wine and recipes
Wine and recipes
Key ingredients to movables dinner party prep Photo by Molly Sheridan
Photo by Three Points Kitchen on Flickr
Grated Raw Beets
Grated Raw Beets
A digit of recipes in the cookbook I used calls for this as an ingredient. They're pretty easy to grate by hand, but likely to stain your skin if you don't wash up right away. I used the provisions processor the last time, but had this out on the table and decided just to use it since it was there and I only needed to grate one. Find the recipe on my food blog here:
Photo by Emily Barney on Flickr
Persian Cooking for a Strong Kitchen Cookbook
Persian Cooking for a Strong Kitchen Cookbook
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Persian Cuisine: Saraban, A Cookbook for Dick
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  • siobhanwatts Made myself a inclination lunch today: Persian 'chicken' wrap with pomegranate seeds from the Persiana cookbook.
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  • Persian Cucumber Yogurt (Maast-o Khiar) Ingredients:dill weed, cucumber, garlic, black pepper, salt, shallot
  • Persian Pomegranate Cooler Ingredients:club soda, lemon juice, orange, pomegranate juice, sugar
  • Persian Light of one's life Cake Ingredients:sugar, sugar, sugar, sugar, baking powder, baking powder, baking powder, baking powder, flour, flour, flour, flour, vegetable oil, vegetable oil, vegetable oil, vegetable oil, cardamom, cardamom, cardamom, cardamom, kosher salt, kosher salt, kosher salt, kosher salt, egg whites, egg whites, egg whites, egg whites, eggs, eggs, eggs, eggs, heavy cream, heavy cream, heavy cream, heavy cream, lemon zest, lemon zest, lemon zest, lemon zest, pistachios, pistachios, pistachios, pistachios, saffron, saffron, saffron, saffron, powdered sugar, powdered sugar, powdered sugar, powdered sugar, rose water, rose water, rose water, rose water, sugar, sugar, sugar, sugar, water, water, water, water
  • Persian Beef-and-Split-Pea Lather Ingredients:rice, allspice, beef, cinnamon, lemon, split peas, onions, saffron, lime, tomato paste, turmeric, vegetable oil, water

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