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The New Passover Menu

by Sterling Epicure
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Passover is a celebration of freedom—and Paula Shoyer's innovative Passover collection celebrates culinary freedom, while still honoring the holiday's dietary rules. Her dishes will set you free, combining all the nostalgic pleasure of family favorites with 65 contemporary creations sure to please a new generation of creative cooks. Covering both seder nights and all eight days of the holiday, Shoyer redefines Passover dining with an updated and global menu that includes Banana Charoset, Peruvian Roast Chicken with Salsa Verde, Moroccan Spiced Short Ribs, Sweet Potato Tzimmis, Eggplant Parmesan, and Frittata with Broccoli and Leeks. And don't forget the desserts (many gluten-free) that are Shoyer's speciality, including Triple Chocolate Biscotti, Opera Cake, and Pear Frangipane Tarts. To streamline your planning, there are eight full menus to use as is or to mix and match, along with suggestions for other meals. Passover has never been so easy or delicious!

Matzo: 35 Recipes for Passover and All Year Long

by Clarkson Potter
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A cookbook from the preeminent fine Kosher food company, Streit's, with Jewish recipes for enjoying matzo during the eight days of Passover and all year long.

Matzo and the story of its creation are the centerpiece of both the meals and the observance of Passover; it is eaten in place of bread and other leavened products for the holiday's eight day duration. Michele (Mikie) Heilbrun is the co-owner of Streit's, one of the top two matzo companies in the world. Now, she is sharing 35 recipes-- both from her family and fresh favorites-- for ways to cook with matzo that are so good, readers will want to make them all year round. Dishes like Matzo Granola, Caesar Salad with Matzo Croutons, and Matzo Spanikopita show readers just how delicious and versatile this ingredient can be. With its bright photography and fun package, this book is sure to become an instant seder (and anytime) must-have.

Entertaining passover dishes from local cookbook

Robin Engle, President of the Miriam Dispensary Women's Association, joins The Rhode Show to talk about a local cookbook full of Passover recipes. The Rhode Sh.

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Most skilfully Irish Soda Bread - Ever!

My friends and next of kin are always calling my mini martha because I love to cook, bake, craft and create. I have my degree in interior design and love design of all kinds - adroit in, clothing & accessories, industrial, etc. I have always loved to cook and bake and have been doing it since I was a little girl. Now that I am a married mother of 2 little girls, I find myself crafting, baking and creating all sorts of things for them now too. With tomorrow being St. Patrick's Day, what more elements time then now to share a very old, delicious family recipe. My mother's side of the family is 100% Irish and we never forgot that. I grew up thriving to St. Patrick Day dinners at my grandparents with the entire family. It was celebrated the way other families celebrate Christmas or Passover. After my grandmother passed, my mom has kept the tradition alive. The wonderful perfume of corned beef cooking always filled the house on March 17th. There was corned beef, cabbage, potatoes, carrots and of course, Irish soda bread. Growing up I was not ever a big fan of the bread. The ones my mom and grandma made had raisins and caraway seeds. I am not a fan of caraway seeds. The bread always tasted dry and slightly overdone. When I was in my early 20's I put together a cookbook for my mom, sisters and cousin that had next of kin recipes. One that I had to include was of course the soda bread recipe. I never remembered the recipe and didn't think much of it. But one year for St. Patrick's Day I told my mom that I would follow the soda bread for her this year. So I pulled out the copy of the cookbook that I had kept for myself. I followed the recipe exactly. I made one with raisins and one plain, none with caraway seeds. They looked faithful when they were done so I was hopeful that everyone would like them. When we sat down to dinner and everyone grabbed a piece (even though we grew up not loving it you always took a piece at dinner) and surprisingly person loved it. They all said it was the best soda bread they had ever had. My mom asked me what recipe I used and I told her. She couldn't believe the difference between her breads from the days of old and mine this year. For whatever reason mine turned out and ever since I have been required to bring the bread for every St. Patrick's Day feast. This year I have two dinner and a set of beliefs event to make bread for so I will be making 5-6 loaves. It doesn't last long in our house though, so it's ok. I even make it gluten free so I can now eat it and it turns out leading. I hope you have as much luck with it as I do. But be warned, you will be asked to make it every year after this one. Irish Soda Bread. 3 cups flour. baking soda. 1/2 cup sugar. 2 cups buttermilk - you can not substitute flat milk. 1 cup raisins - optional. caraway seeds - optional. Mix all the dry ingredients in a separate bowl. Beat the eggs in a large bowl, add the melted butter, attack sure it has cooled. You don't want to cook the eggs with the hot butter. Once those are mixed, slowly add the dry ingredients until it is all incorporated. The dough will be runnier then usual soda bread dough, that is ok. Grease a 9" spring form pan, pour the dough in. I sprinkle 1-2 tbsp. of sugar on top to give it a sweet, to a certain crunchy top. Bake for exactly 1 hour. You can serve with jam and/or butter. It is moist and delicious so the jam and butter is not needed. Even the kids in the family love it so it is sure to be a hit with your total family. If you would like to make it gluten free you can substitute the flour for GF flour straight across. Make sure that you add xanthium gum if your flour unite does not already have it. I do 1 tsp. for every 1 cup of GF flour. I have found the Trader Joe's flour blend works well here and the bag is exactly 3 cups. Just add the xanthium gum though, the TJ mix does not have it included.

Source: Mini Martha
new york times passover cookbook more than 200 holiday recipes from top che
new york times passover cookbook more than 200 holiday recipes from top che

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Very Good Very Good condition. Good dust jacket.


The New York Times Passover Cookbook
The New York Times Passover Cookbook

Last-Minute Holiday Gifts

An excellent balance of traditional and innovative recipes culled from the food pages of The New York Times." - BooklistWith more than 200 holiday recipes from top chefs and writers, The New York Times Passover Cookbook contains family recipes that have been passed down for generations as well as innovative kosher cuisine from such celebrated chefs as Wolfgang Puck, Jean-Georges Vongerichten and Alice Waters. Molly O'Neill, Ruth Reichl, and Mimi Sheraton all contribute essays on the different ways that the Passover experience has enriched their lives. Edited by Linda Amster with an introduction by Joan Nathan."Invaluable for anyone for hosts a Passover Seder or even who takes a dish to one." - Library Journal


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Reinventing the Passover Seder - 03/13/15, via Tablet Magazine

The Seder2015 website will best Passover playlists, redesigned Haggadot, modern Jewish recipes, and guides to hosting a 21st-century seder, all offered in partnership with various Jewish organizations. In the coming weeks we’ll be sharing audio ...

Vigorous, healthy condiments deliver big flavor in tilapia recipe - 03/17/15, via Fort Wayne

And one of my favorites was Passover, which this year begins at sunset April 3 ... She is the inventor of the cookbook, “Supermarket Healthy” and has more information on her website,

Passover meals with a present-day twist - 03/17/15, via Chicago Tribune

3 Jewish cookbooks to remove for modern additions to Passover traditions. Morrocan short-ribs and jalapeno matzo balls bring spark to Passover menu. Passover is a millennium-old story of openness that continues to inspire celebration. But if you're finding ...


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Passover by Conceive
Passover by Conceive
reduce new Kosher cookbook received for review. 130 of the 160 recipes are non-gebrokts, or gluten-free, and because of kosher laws many are dairy free, too. I'm looking further to new recipes.
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Here, a satisfied couple of matzohs invite the reader to peruse Passover recipes. From A Pinch of This, A Dash of That, Sisterhood of the Montgomery County Jewish Community Center, illustrations by Rachelle Sandra Meiselman (ca. 1960s).
Le Kugel by Joan Cohen
Le Kugel by Joan Cohen
Nobody of us can reconstruct the memory accurately. But I think that as a little boy with a sweet tooth I complained about the savory kosher-for-passover noodleless kugel. So Dottie began making golden kugel for me, even during passover. Who'd mind anyway? What rules was anybody observing? This is the recipe she used. I made it for the first time this passover. The angel of death did not strike.
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Passover Cookbook
Passover Cookbook
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tellingly jewish gifts for the jewish holidays passover cookbook
tellingly jewish gifts for the jewish holidays passover cookbook
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