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The New Moosewood Cookbook (Mollie Katzen's Classic Cooking)

by Ten Speed Press
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Since the original publication of the MOOSEWOOD COOKBOOK in 1977, author Mollie Katzen has been leading the revolution in American eating habits. MOOSEWOOD was listed by the New York Times as one of the top ten best-selling cookbooks of all time, and no wonder. With her sophisticated, easy-to-prepare vegetarian recipes, charming drawings, and hand lettering, Mollie introduced millions to a more healthful, natural way of cooking. This new edition--a companion volume to her latest TV series--preserves the major revisions and additions that Mollie made in 1992, accented with new recipes from Mollie’s current repertoire and 16 pages of beautiful full-color food photography. You’ve seen MOOSEWOOD before, but you’ve never seen it quite like this!

Moosewood Restaurant Simple Suppers: Fresh Ideas for the Weeknight Table

by Clarkson Potter
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Eating the Moosewood Restaurant way every day has never been easier.

Whole grains. Fresh fruits and vegetables. Lean, nutrient-rich fish. We all know the virtues of a well-balanced diet—of choosing foods that nourish our bodies and respect the environment—but as the world around us gets busier and more complicated, we also know how difficult it can be to prepare a wholesome, satisfying supper. With an emphasis on healthful natural foods, Moosewood Restaurant has operated successfully for more than thirty years and has been acclaimed as a driving force in the world of creative vegetarian cuisine. Now the Moosewood Collective goes back to basics with Moosewood Restaurant Simple Suppers to deliver fresh, imaginative, and quickly prepared dishes for the weeknight table that are also delicious and reliable.

Shortcut Chili. Creamy Lemon Pasta. Warm French Lentil Salad. Pine Nut–Crusted Fish. Mocha Sorbet. From soups and pastas made with just a few pantry essentials to crisp salads, stir-fries, sandwiches, and desserts, these easy-to-prepare recipes are brilliant as is. However, the folks at Moosewood realize that flexibility is the cornerstone of weeknight cooking, so you’ll find clever ingredient substitutions, alternative cooking methods, and serving suggestions alongside the recipes in Simple Suppers—it all depends on what’s in the fridge and what sounds appetizing at the moment. Make extra Fresh Tomato and Mozzarella Salad on Monday and toss leftovers with hot pasta for Tuesday’s supper. No onions for Black Beans with Pickled Red Onions? Try the beans over rice with Quick Avocado and Corn Salsa instead. The 175-plus recipes in Moosewood Restaurant Simple Suppers are as flexible as they are flavorful—the perfect go-to for a quick, healthy meal any day of the week, any time of year.

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with greens. Pleasurable. From Moosewood cookbook. Found recipe online ...
with greens. Pleasurable. From Moosewood cookbook. Found recipe online ...
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moosewood cookbook recipes
moosewood cookbook recipes
lentil soup is wonderful good
lentil soup is wonderful good

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