Moose Vegetarian Cookbook

Student's Vegetarian Cookbook: Quick, Easy, Cheap, and Tasty Vegetarian Recipes

by Prima Lifestyles
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Eat Your Vegetables!
Some people are vegetarians because they think a meat-free diet is good for you. Some believe it’s good for the planet. Others just want tasty food; they want it cheap, they want it easy, and they want it now. Whatever your reasons, check out this book’s 135 great-tasting vegetarian recipes, including:
Gingered Chinese Greens Stir-Fry • Banana Bread • Moroccan Stew • Beer and Aztec Rice • Chipotle-Black Bean Chili • Curry in a Hurry • Roasted Vegetable Rush • Miso-Happy Soup •Yogurt Fruit Shake • French Toast 2000 • Pita Pizza Crust • Cremini Mushroom Burger • Broiled Zucchini Parmesan • Rice Pudding Cereal • Coffee Brazil • Chapati with Confetti Salad • And much, much more!
So stop scrounging around for something to eat. With this book, you can put a great-tasting meal together in little or no time.

Simple Vegetarian Recipes (Cooking for Today Step-By-Step)

by Whitecap Books
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Link up The Moosewood

A video created for the times a deliver-renowned Moosewood Restaurant, in Ithaca, NY. Filmed, edited, and produced by Moxie Studios. The Moosewood is America's premier.

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eggplant mykonos
eggplant mykonos
from one of the moosewood cookbooks! it was honestly delicious. lately we've been trying to add a lot more veggies to our meals, and between D and i there are a lot of vegetarian cookbooks in the house. this recipe came from moose restaurant cooks at home, and while it wasn't entirely veggie (i had some leftover chicken that made it in), it was 95% veggie. the kinsfolk wasn't so sure they would dig it, and then what do you know: they ate it all. it was super good!
Photo by pinprick on Flickr
Journal: Senor Moose Cafe
Journal: Senor Moose Cafe
... . They scent wonderful. Page 213 of The New Moosewood Cookbook
... . They scent wonderful. Page 213 of The New Moosewood Cookbook
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of Thomas Keller’s shortcakes from “ The French Laundry Cookbook ...
of Thomas Keller’s shortcakes from “ The French Laundry Cookbook ...
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  • Jim_Hendrick @nprfreshair whoa there!!! The Moose wood Cookbook is a decent counterexample to the guests complaint of vegetarian flavor

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