Jolly Roger Cookbook

The Tasha Tudor Cookbook: Recipes and Reminiscences from Corgi Cottage

by Little, Brown and Company
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Tasha Tudor, beloved children's book author and illustrator, has at last written her long-awaited cookbook. In words and the enchanting watercolors for which she is renowned, she shares the recipes she has gathered over a lifetime - some that have been passed down for generations and some that she created specially for her children and grandchildren. These traditional recipes recall an old-fashioned New England lifestyle and summon up Tasha Tudor's own warm family memories, which she shares here with her readers. Tasha Tudor's recipe collection includes summery picnic salads, hearty winter soups, and breakfast treats like Great-Grandmother Tudor's Cornbread, Blueberry Coffee Cake, and Butterscotch Rolls. Her main dishes - Roast Chicken with tarragon and sage, vegetable-laden Beef Stew, and Salmon served with homegrown peas - are the prelude to her irresistibly rich desserts, including a luscious dark chocolate torte and English Toffee Bars. At Tasha Tudor's Corgi Cottage, Christmas celebrations are the high point of the year, filled with the kind of food and wholesome fun that harks back to an earlier time. Her recipes bring family and friends together to make her well-known gingerbread Christmas tree ornaments (which have been displayed on the White House tree), and such seasonal favorites as thumb cookies and pulled taffy for wrapping as gifts or for putting in paper cornucopias to hang on the tree. All of these authentic, tried-and-true recipes are presented for the first time with some fifty original watercolor and pen-and-ink drawings in this beguiling keepsake kitchen companion.

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The cuisine of the Chinese province of Hunan is unlike any other in the world. Its delicious distinction comes from the intelligent mixing of ingredients and cooking techniques, which makes for marvelously varied and sumptuous meals. Henry Chung has put together a collection of recipes from his homeland, especially adapted for the American kitchen that will delight all cooks, whether or not they have used a wok or other Chinese utensils. With step-by-step instructions and detailed information about ingredients and where to obtain them, exotic recipes such as Harvest Pork and Shredded Beef & Shining Noodle Soup can be made by even the novice cook. This book is more than a cookbook - you will be introduced to the friends and family of Henry Chung as well as the legends and customers of Hunan. You will learn of Mr. Chung's grandmother - who taught him to cook - and of life in the countryside of China. From how "to model a baby before its coming into being" to all the intricacies of a Chinese wedding, you will soon come to know the people of Hunan, what they love to eat and how they live.



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Jolly roger’s cookbook
Jolly roger’s cookbook
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Anarchists Cookbook Style 2004
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The Jolly Roger's Cookbook .... which also came to be known as "The ...
The Jolly Roger's Cookbook .... which also came to be known as "The ...

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