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Indian for Everyone: The Home Cook's Guide to Traditional Favorites

by Agate Surrey
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"An impressive and useful addition to the canon." —Publishers Weekly, starred review

"Only have room for one go-to book for Indian home cooking on your shelf? This is it." —Booklist

Indian for Everyone is the third book by Anupy Singla, by far her most stunning and comprehensive offering yet. Singla is America's favorite authority on Indian home cooking, and her expertise with delicious, healthful recipes has endeared her to fans everywhere. This new book opens up the true simplicity and flavor of Indian food for anyone, regardless of dietary restrictions or familiarity.

Singla's recipes feature popular favorites, regional specialties, and—unlike any other Indian cookbook—alternative preparation styles for every recipe. Included are quick-and-easy adaptations for making a meal vegetarian, vegan, or gluten-free, or even in the slow cooker. Beginners appreciate the book's step-by-step instructions, while veteran home cooks now have a reference point for family favorites, including little-known instructions and standard cook times.

With deeply personal, detailed stories behind these recipes, readers see how healthy cooking connected Singla's family through many generations and disparate cultural heritages. More than the next great Indian cookbook, this is the next great American cookbook sure to become a staple of every family's collection.

Indian Takeout Cookbook: Favorite Indian Food Takeout Recipes to Make at Home

by CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform
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Prepare your favorite Indian takeout recipes at home!

BLACK AND WHITE Indian food is exhilarating. It is a mixture of exotic ingredients, scents, spices, and flavors. Some may find this cuisine a bit intimidating but today’s adventurous and globally astute generation is now opening up to it. This book contains a collection of recipes for dishes that are well-loved and that we hope you will find time to prepare on your own, not only because it is healthy, but also for the pure enjoyment of it. The recipes you’ll find here are designed to make the dishes easy to prepare without sacrificing the authenticity of the flavors and textures. This is just the beginning of your journey towards experiencing and indulging in fascinating Indian cuisine!
Inside, find:
  • A brief history of Indian cooking
  • Ingredients used in Indian cuisine
  • Tools and equipment needed for Indian cooking
  • 50 delicious classic take-out recipes to make at home including appetizers, breads, main entrées, sides and desserts:
    • Vegetable Fritters (Bajji/Pakora/Pakoda)
    • Deep fried Pastry Triangles (Samosa)
    • Deep fried Cauliflower in Sweet and Spicy Sauce (Kolkata Gobi Manchurian)
    • Stir-Fried Dill Greens (Shepuchi Bhaji)
    • Paneer in Curds and Mint (Paneer Pudina Tikka)
    • Tiger Prawn in Creamy Coconut Curry (Bagda Chingri Malai)
    • North Indian Potato Croquettes (Aloo Tikki)
    • Dumplings in Yogurt (Dahi Bara)
    • Indian Fritters (Pakora) - Basic Recipe
    • Spicy Soup (Mulligatawny/Mooloogoo Thani)
    • Red Lentil Soup (Masoor Dal)
    • Spicy Gram Flour Rollups (Khandvi, Surali Vadi, Suralichi Wadi)
    • Deep fried Unleavened Bread (Poori)
    • Indian Flatbread (Naan)
    • Lamb Vindaloo
    • Classic Lamb Curry
    • Lamb in Creamy & Spicy Sauce (Lamb Masala)
    • Festive Lamb in Creamy Sauce (Lamb Korma)
    • Chicken Tikka Masala
    • Tandoori Chicken - Stovetop Method
    • Chicken Biryani
    • Quick Chicken Curry
    • Chicken Madras
    • Butter Chicken (Murgh Makhan)
    • Goan Fish Curry
    • Fish Skewers (Fish Tandoori Tikka)
    • Mixed Seafood Curry
    • Fish Biryani
    • Malabar Tilapia
    • Tamarind Scallops (Ambli Wara)
    • Classic Cheese Skewers (Paneer Tikka)
    • Creamy Spinach & Fenugreek with Indian Cheese (Saag Paneer)
    • Lentils in Tempered Ghee & Spices (Dal Tadka)
    • Cucumber, Mint & Tomato Salad (Kachumbar/Kachumber)
    • Spicy Vegetable Stew (Vegetable Masala)
    • Green Chili Pickle (Achar or Mirchi-Ka-Achar)
    • Mango Chutney
    • Herbed Yogurt with Cucumber (Raita)
    • Indian-Style Vegetable Stir-Fry (Jalfrezi)
    • Spicy Pancakes with Potato Filling (Masala Dosa)
    • Spiced Cauliflower & Potatoes (Aloo Gobi)
    • Fresh Winter Greens with Indian Cheese (Palak Paneer)
    • Lemon Rice
    • Chickpeas in Tomato Sauce (Chana/Chole Masala)
    • Deep Fried Milk Dumplings in Rose Syrup (Gulab Jamun)
    • Carrot Fudge (Gajar Ka Halwa)
    • Traditional Indian Ice Cream (Kulfi)
    • Creamy Saffron-Infused Rice Pudding (Kesari Kheer)
    • Buttery Fudge Squares (Burfi/Barfi)
Please note that for this edition of Indian Takeout Recipes, all images are BLACK & WHITE

Let’s get cooking!

Behind the scenes on the photo spring for India Cookbook: food, styling and photography

com goes behind the scenes on the photo hurl for India Cookbook. Making regional Indian dishes, food styling and photographing the different combina.

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native indian wild game fish and wild foods cookbook
native indian wild game fish and wild foods cookbook

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Fine in Near Fine jacket Hrdback in fine condition with near fine dust jacket.


Beyond Curry Indian Cookbook
Beyond Curry Indian Cookbook


Explore the Flavors of Indian Cooking with Mouth-Watering Recipes?From Authentic Regional Classics to Mainstream Fusion FavoritesJoin Mumbai-based food blogger Denise D'silva Sankh? on a culinary adventure of nostalgia and tasty surprises spanning the regions of India. InBeyond Curry, An Indian Cookbook, Denise shares her rich personal story of Indian cooking with profiles of unique regional Indian food. You?ll explore Indian cooking with convenient, no-fuss recipes, accessible ingredients, and must-know secrets behind authentic Indian food. Discover delicacies from the North (Tandoori Chicken) to breakfast delights from the South (Dosas) to popular Indian-Chinese dishes, and much more. Whether you long to recreate beloved childhood recipes, are a time-strapped professional, or a home cook new to Indian cooking, Beyond Curry, An Indian Cookbook guides you through a cuisine that is diverse, satisfying?and easy to create in your kitchen. Learn to prepare Indian food at home, with: Simple and convenient recipes using easy-to-find ingredients Low-prep times yielding dishes suitable for 4 to 6 people Pepper icons indicating spice levels (mild, medium, hot) with tips for adjusting the heatHealthy modifications to address dietary needs Bonus Indian slow cooker and pressure cooker tips for easier-than-ever dishesYour journey into regional Indian food with Beyond Curry will open your eyes?and taste buds?to the delights and popular dishes of India.


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Ambrosial and not too hot. Everest Paneer Traditional Indian Cooking Cheese £1.50 for 226g, Asda This mild white cheese is used as a meat replacement in Indian-Chinese recipes, and won’t displace its shape in cooking. Use as you would chicken in a stir-fry.

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In 2001, his restaurant “Zaika”, was awarded a Michelin inimitable, making him the first Indian chef-restaurateur to ... the chefs of hotels and local restaurants on cooking traditional Qatari and Khaleeji recipes. To ornament the activities of QIFF 2015 ...


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