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Make your own brew at home!

The Joy of Home Distilling is a complete guide for beginner and intermediate distillers. Readers will learn about every facet of distilling, from yeast styles and nutritional requirements to the different methods of distillation and equipment, and post-distillation processes. Author Rick Morris, who has been selling distillation equipment for years, even includes his own recipes for different types of spirits and drink recipes.

By learning not just how to distill, but also what is happening at each step and why it is needed, readers will be armed with the information they need to experiment with their own spirits and concoct their own recipes. Easy to understand even for a first-time distiller, The Joy of Home Distilling is sure to become your number one distilling resource.

Topics covered include:
What distillation is and common misconceptions about the process
The legalities surrounding distilling alcohol at home
What yeast is, what it does, and how to ensure that you get a strong, complete fermentation
Step-by-step instructions for the different processes, from bucket to bottle
The difference between spirit types and how to produce each
Carbon filteringwhen it's necessary, when to filter, and why you filter
Flavoring and aging your spirits

Skyhorse Publishing, along with our Good Books and Arcade imprints, is proud to publish a broad range of cookbooks, including books on juicing, grilling, baking, frying, home brewing and winemaking, slow cookers, and cast iron cooking. We’ve been successful with books on gluten-free cooking, vegetarian and vegan cooking, paleo, raw foods, and more. Our list includes French cooking, Swedish cooking, Austrian and German cooking, Cajun cooking, as well as books on jerky, canning and preserving, peanut butter, meatballs, oil and vinegar, bone broth, and more. While not every title we publish becomes a New York Times bestseller or a national bestseller, we are committed to books on subjects that are sometimes overlooked and to authors whose work might not otherwise find a home.

How to Be Parisian Wherever You Are: Love, Style, and Bad Habits

by Doubleday
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From four stunning and accomplished French women -- at last -- a fresh and spirited take on what it really means to be a Parisienne: how they dress, entertain, have fun and attempt to behave themselves.
In short, frisky sections, these Parisian women give you their very original views on style, beauty, culture, attitude and men. The authors--Anne Berest, Audrey Diwan, Caroline de Maigret, and Sophie Mas -- unmarried but attached, with children -- have been friends for years. Talented bohemian iconoclasts with careers in the worlds of music, film, fashion and publishing, they are untypically frank and outspoken as they debunk the myths about what it means to be a French woman today. Letting you in on their secrets and flaws, they also make fun of their complicated, often contradictory feelings and behavior. They admit to being snobs, a bit self-centered, unpredictable but not unreliable. Bossy and opinionated, they are also tender and romantic.
You will be taken on a first date, to a party, to some favorite haunts in Paris, to the countryside, and to one of their dinners at home with recipes even you could do -- but to be out with them is to be in for some mischief and surprises. They will tell you how to be mysterious and sensual, look natural, make your boyfriend jealous, and how they feel about children, weddings and going to the gym. And they will share their address book in Paris for where to go: At the End of the Night, for A Birthday, for a Smart Date, A Hangover, for Vintage Finds and much more.

How to Be Parisian Wherever You Are will make you laugh as you slip into their shoes to become bold and free and tap into your inner cool.

How-To Design A Cookbook

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Gives readers a quick answer to How do I make it look like THAT? in today's ever-more complicated web development world. This book is a must-have companion for web designers and developers, regardless of their experience with Cascading Style Sheets (CSS). Updated for the latest web browsers and CSS specification, the third edition offers web authors an extensive collection of usable code for solving hundreds of common style sheet problems.


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I do NOT like our kitchenette, but I'm sharing anyways. Read more at aesthetic outburst.
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Photo by hownowdesign on Flickr
... genial: the Sweet Treats , a typographical cookbook by Woodward Design
... genial: the Sweet Treats , a typographical cookbook by Woodward Design
Kipsari - The Vegetarian Art & Design Cookbook
Kipsari - The Vegetarian Art & Design Cookbook
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Cookbook Design: A Aggregation of Tastes
Cookbook Design: A Aggregation of Tastes
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  • EmilyDSteele High-minded tips: "How To Avoid A DIY Disaster" by HGTV's @KellyEdwardsInc, author of The Design Cookbook via @Forbes

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