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Storied Recipes: A SOMOS Cookbook, Taos, New Mexico

by CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform
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Acting on the theory that cookbooks are storybooks for grownups, SOMOS (the Society of the Muse of the Southwest) has compiled a cookbook filled with 84 short, true, well-crafted stories -- and the recipes that flavor them -- as a fresh, new take on the traditional community fundraising cookbook. SOMOS, a literary nonprofit organization located in beautiful Taos, NM, cast a wide net in its call for submissions and were delighted with the catch. Taos, after all, is a town teeming with creative types. The result, Storied Recipes, is a showcase for the talents of many members and friends of SOMOS -- storytellers of all stripes who love to cook as well as eat. Its stories speak of identity, culture, history, and family. Its recipes are meant to be made and enjoyed. Storied Recipes, a storybook for grownups, belongs on everyone?s night table -- to be savored in bed.

Beyond the Fence: A Culinary View of Historic Lexington

by Baptist Health Foundation Lexington Cancer Program
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  • Beautiful cover horse farm scene and gorgeous photos of area scenery and delicious dishes throughout.

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A beautiful hardback coffee-table cookbook designed to take you on a captivating journey through Fayette County's past and present. Filled with delicious recipes, historical vignettes and exquisite photography, this book offers a seasonal view of foods and menus unique to this area of the country. All proceeds support the Baptist Health Foundation Lexington Cancer Program.

View Fundraising - Cookbook Fundraising Success over 75 Years

Discipline Fundraising will provide you more than what you have asked. The idea of fundraising cookbooks for school has developed into numerous success stories.

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criticism it on amos

We had a a certain extent late start to our Saturday and didn’t get to the Brisbane Convention Center until about noon. Our plan to maximize A/C time was to spend a few hours at Bookfest, have a at an advanced hour lunch/early dinner (aka Linner), catch a 6p. m. session of the latest Hobbit movie and go home and it’ll be nice and cool by then. If you’re not in the know, Bookfest is this whopping book fair where you can score $1, $2. 50 or $10+ secondhand books. It’s run by the good folks at Lifeline as one of their fundraisers for the year. It seems to be an annual shinding that has been thriving on for a few years. Since this was our first Bookfest visit, we didn’t really know what to expect (which is always a fun way of doing things, in my opinion). Rows and rows of books. The $1 department was a hot mess (but I still ventured out of there with $5 worth of books). 50 section was a bit more organized and the books were in somewhat better condition (not to mention, belonging in this decade). Whilst the Violent Quality section contained, as the name suggests, books that are in prime condition and more recent releases. The great thing about the HQ section is I didn’t in effect see any books over $10, so it’s still a bargain. I aspire to be, but in actual fact I get easily distracted and would take months to read a novel (prime example, I am still on Publication 1 of the Game of Thrones series and I started reading that bad boy while I was still living and working in Columbia. But despite not being a committed book worm, I still like to buy my fair interest of books (mostly non-fiction) and indulge in one past-time I wish I made more time for. So this Bookfest was right up my alley and I figured that buying secondhand books should always be the way to go for me (especially since I am unquestionably much a judge-a-book-by-its-cover kinda gal). I came away with a few reference books, two cookbooks that are so old their pages are browning (but that was the appeal to me), a few cross-stitching books that will provide me with interminable amount of patterns (for a mere $5. ) and between my... Oh, and Zach picked out some much-desired Sci-Fi novels and his best pick was a $1 book titled “A Instructions on Exorcism”. I’m even thinking about going back down there sometime this week after work and see what other treasures I can come away with. While perusing the “Reference/Textbooks” section of the $2. 50 group, I stumbled upon the textbook overhead. I saw it from a mile away, I will never forget that simple black and white textbook. It was the bane of my existence during my first year at University doing my Bachelor of Science (majoring in Computer Study). It was a textbook for a mandatory subject I had to take as part of my major. Strong feelings towards it. So it was only fitting that I had to take a photo and send it to my University BFF, Paul. I just had to helping the memories with him, a moment of reminiscing for what transpired many, many years ago. I have always been a sentimental fool – even for things that I would rather forget. Oh, and for the record, I didn’t in actuality buy it to burn. I’m not a masochist and would never disrespect a book – any book – despite what bad memories it gave me. It’s still piled there amongst other books priced at $2. 50.

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The Osceola Community Club
The Osceola Community Club


When Cassandra Burquette accompanies a group of middle-aged women on a day trip to the small Florida village where she grew up, her travels take her much farther than she could have foreseen - back to 1958 to a long-forgotten Osceola (named for a war-mongering Seminole chief grabbed from beneath a white flag of truce - shame on those disreputable Yankee skunks!) and the heat of an unforgettable summer that stirred her first womanly feelings. The sleepy little village is no more. All that remain are a few old buildings, including a used bookstore, where she finds a 1958 fundraising cookbook, Sauti Then Simmer, put together by the Osceola Community Club. In it are advertisements from merchants she remembers and recipes submitted by people she knew when she was a young girl. The recipes remind her of the townspeople and of the bittersweet summer in which she turned twelve, the same year the cookbook was published. The Osceola Community Club sizzles as only a small Southern village of the fifties can sizzle. In typical Southern fashion, everything in the community revolves around a tableful of traditions: edible, ethical, and moral. Readers are invited to sit at this table alongside the townsfolk during the preparations, the presentations, and the social implications that are cooked up, stirred up, and served up - community-style - for all to see. Come taste the completed recipes with tongue and heart. Pull up a chair. Grab that old cowhide-bottomed one Grandpa whittled.


meals and memories how to create keepsake cookbooks
meals and memories how to create keepsake cookbooks

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Very Good. No Jacket Used paperback book copy of Meals and Memories: How to Create Keepsake Cookbooks by Kathy Steligo. From the book cover: This book will guide you through planning, organizing, and assembling a personalized record of your favorite recipes and the memories you have about them. Each chapter explains what to do an dhow to do it. You need no special skills. Whether your cookbook is small or large, simple or elaborate, handwritten or typed, you will discover how easy it is to: choose a theme, tone and title; collect and format recipes; include or adapt antique recipes; record favorite memories about your recipes; add photos, drawings, doodles, and instant images; collect and coordinate materials from others; develop profitable, fundraisers for your club, school, team, or church. San Carlos CA: Carlo Press, 1999. 100 pages. 8.5 x 11 inches, 28 cm. List price 18.95. This edition is out of print. Accurately described because we look! Out the door in 24! (except Sunday & Postal Holidays)


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Cookbook to stomach Anglicare Ballarat - 03/17/15, via The Courier

said the cookbook became the pre-eminent chance to unite the parishes. “We started thinking about it two-and-a-half years ago on the committee and thought not only would it be a good fundraiser but also good for getting people together from all parishes ...

US open for Belle Gibson's The Whole Pantry cookbook cancelled - 03/17/15, via Goodfood

The approved cookbook was due to be released in US book stores next ... Fairfax Media investigation revealed she had failed to hand over thousands of dollars in fundraising proceeds promised to charities. Universal tech company Apple, which heavily promoted ...

Tracy Dot Com: Chow events take center stage for your entertainment week - 03/16/15, via The Florida Times-Union Jacksonville

The bounty of admission includes tastings, a silent auction and a cookbook containing everything on the day ... who always keeps me in the loop on the Memorial Park Association’s events. This fundraiser will number a cocktail hour, silent auction ...


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The Miller's Cookbook to Aid Adoption
The Miller's Cookbook to Aid Adoption
Blogged here -
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Sans Souci Lunch for Two
Sans Souci Lunch for Two
A suggested menu from a 1974 NYC Younger League fundraiser cookbook (New York Entertains). Definitely on the more posh end of the community cookbook spectrum. Posted about here:
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WOOO!  I'd Graze bid adieu THAT Cook Anyday!
WOOO! I'd Graze bid adieu THAT Cook Anyday!
As a fundraiser for Taylor's favorite magnanimity (KidOne,, The Official Soul Patrol is selling cookbooks. Unfortunately, there aren't as many recipes from Taylor and his loved ones as I'd like, but his noted pot roast recipe IS in there....AND it's for a good cause, so it was worth it!
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Since people hardly ever throw away cookbooks, they will be used and shared ...
Since people hardly ever throw away cookbooks, they will be used and shared ...
Espy your Own Cookbooks for fundraisers
Espy your Own Cookbooks for fundraisers
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