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Gordon Ramsay Makes It Easy

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Easy, home-style recipes from chef Gordon Ramsay, star of the hit Fox reality show, “Hell’s Kitchen.”

International superstar chef Gordon Ramsay scored a huge hit this past summer with his Fox-TV reality show, “Hell’s Kitchen,” which showcased both his formidable cooking skills and his infamous temper. Now this three-star Michelin chef is showing a different side in Gordon Ramsay Makes It Easy, his first cookbook geared specifically to the needs of the home cook, with simple, accessible recipes that take very little time to make. This gorgeous-looking book is packed with 200 color photographs and makes a great gift for cooks of all levels and of course fans of the TV show.  A free bonus DVD is included with the book, featuring exclusive footage of Gordon cooking recipes from the book in his own home kitchen.

Gordon Ramsay (London, UK), with eight restaurants, is Britain’s most highly acclaimed chef and restauranteur and the only London chef to have been awarded a three-star Michelin rating. He is also the author of In the Heat of the Kitchen. His other hit U.K. television shows, “Ramsay’s Kitchen Nightmares” and “Ramsay’s Boiling Point,” can be seen in the U.S. regularly on BBC-America.

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Gordon Ramsay's Fast Food: More Than 100 Delicious, Super-Fast, and Easy Recipes

by Sterling Epicure
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Everyone needs quick, healthy, and delicious recipes for feeding a family--and no one's better at providing them than Gordon Ramsay, the three-star chef famous for his no-nonsense cooking. Here he serves up a feast of doable ideas: more than 100 recipes and 15 great menus for putting food on the table each and every day. Many of the dishes take only 15 minutes to prepare and cook; none takes longer than half an hour--and you can put together an entire meal in only 30-45 minutes. Ramsay also offers time-saving shortcuts, plus info on how to stock your pantry.


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The chefs liked all of his dishes, but his beef cheek ravioli was a barely undercooked, Chef Gordon Ramsay said. "We're going to make a school cookbook with some of Andrew's recipes and we'll play the host a fundraiser dinner at Speranza in Westville." "It

Unreserved Quick Recipes by Gordon Ramsay

Empyrean Scrambled Egg Recipe ---- http://naturalfemina. com/2013/09/11/gordon-ramsays-sublime-scrambled-eggs/ Crispy Salmon Recipe Broccoli Soup Approach Stuffe.


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The Joslin Diabetes Outstanding Chefs Cook Healthy Cookbook

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Approving Recipes, Bad Temper
Approving Recipes, Bad Temper
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by Superb’s famous Chef Gordon Ramsey
by Superb’s famous Chef Gordon Ramsey

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