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  • Prepare amazing recipes in different restaurants!
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Product description

Live to eat? Travel to eat? Here you'll find a collection of the most memorable street food experiences possible, complete with recipes to make sure if you can't go to eat, you can at least get a taste at home! From classic hotdogs to exotic pastries, this gastronomic tour of the world will leave all your sense satisfied.
Inside World's Greatest Street Food:

  • 100 authentic recipes from all around the world
  • Brilliant images throughout
  • In-depth background of each dish, how it came about and what it's like to eat
  • Savoury and Sweet sections
  • Up-to-date recommended points-of-interest - covering eating, sleeping, going out, shopping, activities and attractions

Special eBook enhancements

  • Interlinking enables you to seamlessly flip between pages
  • Search - go straight to what you are looking for with the inbuilt search capability
  • Bookmark - use bookmarks to quickly return to a page
  • Dictionary - look up the meaning of any word
  • Pinch and zoom images and text

Written and researched by Lonely Planet

Café World - Revamped Cookbook

This is the revamped cookbook in Café World. Now, you can categorize by name, cooking time, recently cooked, cuisine and more.

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Meadows Anglican Church 1869 South Australia in the  Adelaide Hills.
Meadows Anglican Church 1869 South Australia in the Adelaide Hills.
St Georges Anglican Church in Meadows opened in 1869. Note the extravagant roof. On one corner thay planned a church tower but it was never built. Meadows and Sir Douglas Mawson. The aboriginal name for this court is “Battunga” meaning place of large trees. Perhaps the fine look of the country influenced Charles Flaxman, the agent and secretary of George Fife Angas, to carry out the Meadows Special Survey in 1839 for himself. Flaxman had 4,000 acres to sell off and the government had other surveyed land in the area to sell. Farmers took up their 80 acre blocks in the primitive 1840s. A rudimentary town began to emerge with the opening of a post office in 1850 and a local school called Kondoparinga in 1854 when native farmer William Hall took advantage of this and subdivided his land around 1859 to create the township of Meadows. One of the main streets was called Flaxman Terrace. A store opened by 1856, the Meadows Hotel was first licensed in 1856 and in 1856 a Wesleyan Methodist Church and...
Photo by denisbin on Flickr
Indian overplay (vegan)
Indian overplay (vegan)
Baked Basmati rice with Gujarati carrot salad (World Eats Café cookbook), cucumber with lime juice, dal and Raksha's Mushroom Masala. Friday July 29th 2011.
Photo by shashinjutsu on Flickr
Gujarati carrot salad
Gujarati carrot salad
Approach taken from World Food Café cookbook: grated carrots, roasted mustard seeds, fresh mint leaves and lime juice.
Photo by shashinjutsu on Flickr
Cafe World's Cookbook Gets a New Look
Cafe World's Cookbook Gets a New Look
Facebook] Cafe World - Cookbook At the crack Access Goals
Facebook] Cafe World - Cookbook At the crack Access Goals

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