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Sultan's Kitchen: A Turkish Cookbook

by Periplus Editions (HK) ltd.
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"Not to be missed…a gem. This is real Old World cooking…devotees of Mediterranean cuisine would be remiss not to add this book to their collection."—Boston Globe

Ranging from favorites such as chickpea pilaf to richly stewed lamb on a bed of eggplant, today's Turkish cuisine is fresh, distinctive, and flavorful—the result of over five centuries of culinary tradition.

Whether you want to warm up with a tangy Peasant Soup (a hearty chicken soup), or top off a meal with a mouthwatering Pistachio Seomina Cake, The Sultan's Kitchen will show you how to produce the exotic tastes and aromas of Turkish food in your own kitchen. It offers over 125 healthy, delicious recipes that are both easy to prepare and based on readily available ingredients.

The Sultan's Kitchen also shows you how to prepare a complete Turkish dinner, and features stunning images by photographer Carl Tremblay. This Turkish cookbook is sure to inspire you to create meals fit for a Sultan!

Product description

turkish food, among the top three best cuisines,
Alongside the French and the Chinese, offers true culinary experience that will be more than just good food, because like most ancient cosines, Turkish Cuisines showcase a depth of history and culture.
If you are looking to delve into the experience of Turkish cooking,
This book is the best place to start.
Focusing on salads recipe, where most amazing meals begin, you uncover secrets that will color and flavor to your life.

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today is cosmopolitan pancake day
today is cosmopolitan pancake day
To hallow this important day, I made crepes for dinner. I decided to not use my usual recipe, but the one from my latest cookbook. It's a bit more eggy, but I like it. You just make a mountain of flour (120g), then represent a little well and put an egg in! Stir up the egg so that you slowly incorporate the flour, and then add 3 more eggs (4 total), then slowly whisk in 400ml of milk, maybe a steal of salt, and put it in the fridge for an hour! Easy like pie! It also turns out if you want to make chocolate crepes and all you have is turkish delight flavoured hot chocolate, it is pretty well-mannered too!
Photo by brenda. on Flickr
this is the best Turkish Cookbook. Its faithful yet gourmet Turkish ...
this is the best Turkish Cookbook. Its faithful yet gourmet Turkish ...
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... the best Turkish cookbook I've come across (and I've seen them all
... the best Turkish cookbook I've come across (and I've seen them all
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