Alex Guarnaschelli Cookbook

The Home Cook: Recipes to Know by Heart

by Clarkson Potter
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The all-in-one cooking bible for a new generation with 300 recipes for everything from simple vinaigrettes and roast chicken to birthday cake and cocktails.
For Alex Guarnaschelli—whose mother edited the seminal 1997 edition of The Joy of Cooking, which defined the food of the late twentieth century—a life in food and cookbooks was almost predestined. Now an accomplished chef and author in her own right (and mom to a young daughter), Alex pens a cookbook for the way we eat today. For generations raised on vibrant, international flavors and supermarkets stocked with miso paste, harissa, and other bold condiments and ingredients, here are 300 recipes to replace their parents’ Chicken Marbella, including Glazed Five-Spice Ribs, Roasted Eggplant Dip with Garlic Butter Naan, Roasted Beef Brisket with Pastrami Rub, Fennel and Orange Salad with Walnut Pesto, Quinoa Allspice Oatmeal Cookies, and Dark Chocolate Rum Pie.

Old-School Comfort Food: The Way I Learned to Cook

by Clarkson Potter
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How does one become an Iron Chef and a Chopped judge on Food Network—and what does she really cook at home?

Alex Guarnaschelli grew up in a home suffused with a love of cooking, where soufflés and cheeseburgers were equally revered. The daughter of a respected cookbook editor and a Chinese cooking enthusiast, Alex developed a passion for food at a young age, sealing her professional fate. Old-School Comfort Food shares her journey from waist-high taste-tester to trained chef who now adores spending time in the kitchen with her daughter, along with the 100 recipes for how she learned to cook—and the way she still loves to eat.

Here are Alex’s secrets to great home cooking, where humble ingredients and familiar preparations combine with excellent technique and care to create memorable meals. Alex brings her recipes to life with reminiscences of everything from stealing tomatoes from her aunt’s garden and her first bite of her mother’s pâté to being one of the few women in the kitchen of a renowned Parisian restaurant and serving celebrity clientele in her own successful New York City establishments. With 75 color photographs and ephemera, Old-School Comfort Food is Alex’s love letter to deliciousness.

Butternut Squash Pasta Technique | Alex Guarnaschelli Recipe | POPSUGAR Cookbook

It's midweek, and you're clich, hungry, and craving a meal that's more exciting than that pizza lurking in the depths of your freezer. This time you might di.

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An uproarious, inspiring cookbook from the longtime editor-in-chief of Food & Wine magazine, in which the first lady of food spills the secret of her culinary ineptitude, while learning?finally?to cook, side-by-side with some of the greatest chefs working today, from David Chang to Alice Waters to Thomas Keller. For years, Dana Cowin kept a dark secret: From meat to veggies, broiling to baking, breakfast to dinner, she ruined literally every kind of dish she attempted. Now, in this cookbook confessional, the vaunted? first lady of food? finally comes clean about her many meal mishaps. With the help of friends?all-star chefs, including April Bloomfield, Alex Guarnaschelli, and Tom Colicchio, among many others?Cowin takes on 100 recipes dear to her heart. Ideal dishes for the home cook, each recipe has a high? yum? factor, a few key ingredients, and a simple trick that makes them special. With every dish, she attains a critical new skill, learning invaluable lessons along the way from the hero chefs who help her discover exactly where she goes wrong. Hilarious and heartwarming, encouraging and instructional, Mastering My Mistakes in the Kitchenshowcases Cowin?s plentiful cooking mistakes, inspiring anyone who loves a good meal but fears its preparation. Featuring gorgeous full color photography, it is an intimate, hands-on cooking guide from a fellow foodie and amateur home chef, designed to help even the biggest kitchen phobics overcome their reluctance, with delicious results.


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The things turned out runs 7-10 p.m. April 25. Tickets cost $60; VIP passes cost an additional $50 and include a 5:30-7 p.m. meet and receive with Alex Guarnaschelli, a specialty food tasting, a wine pairing with Guarnaschelli and one of her signed cookbooks.

Maria Guarnaschelli’s Ode to a Sicilian Urn - 03/10/15, via New York Times

“I use a mortar and pestle about exclusively.” Her mother stored about 40 cookbooks in the bottom drawer of a stove. Ms. Guarnaschelli (whose daughter, Alexandra, is a Food Network star and the chef at Butter, a few blocks south) estimates her own ...

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The show, which premiered Sunday continually, featured 10 home cooks chosen from thousands. Four of Food Network's popular chefs Flay, Alex Guarnaschelli, Curtis Stone and Michael Symon, each chose two contestants to mentor during the competition, leaving two ...


  1. Alex Guarnaschelli - Wikipedia, the bountiful encyclopedia Alexandra "Alex" Guarnaschelli is a renown chef and executive chef at New York City's Butter restaurant and was executive chef at the award-winning The Darby ...
  2. Me | Alex Guarnaschelli As the daughter of esteemed cookbook redactor Maria Guarnaschelli and my dad, John, an Italian and Chinese cooking enthusiast, I spent my childhood surrounded by food.
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Alex Guarnaschelli cookbook
Alex Guarnaschelli cookbook
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Alex Guarnaschelli Chef Alex Guarnaschelli attends the Edibles Network ...
Alex Guarnaschelli Chef Alex Guarnaschelli attends the Edibles Network ...
... alex guarnaschelli wylie dufresne chef alex guarnaschelli l and chef
... alex guarnaschelli wylie dufresne chef alex guarnaschelli l and chef
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